I Can See Clearly Now

Built-in reader lenses make Ono’s stylish shades particularly practical.

bifocal sunglassesPresbyopia. It’s a dirty word among lots of us baby boomers. Somewhere after age 40, our eyes begin having problems focusing up close.

For me, the curse of presbyobia struck after I had laser eye surgery. While having my eyeballs zapped dramatically improved my distance vision, I found myself having real trouble seeing important details within an arm’s reach—things like the speedometer and controls on cars and motorcycles, not to mention maps and driving directions—without digging out my reading glasses. A real pain.

Then I stumbled across these unique sunglasses from Ono’s Trading Company that feature bifocal-like reading lenses. And now that I’ve been using them for a few months, I can honestly say they’re one of those products that makes me wonder how I ever got along without them.

Ono’s offers nine different frame styles, including basic black, faux-tortoise shell, and rimless designs. Polarized lenses offer complete UV-A and UV-B protection and are available in a choice of gray, blue mirror, or amber tints with one of the same five standard magnifications (+1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, or +2.50) used in those drugstore reading glasses.

The best part? For me it’s the ability to actually see what I’m doing outdoors without looking like a complete geezer.

What’s Extraordinary

  • No need to keep switching between sunglasses and readers
  • Stylish, sturdy frame designs
  • Bifocal reader lenses are nearly invisible

What’s A Bummer

  • No clear version for eye protection on nighttime motorcycle rides
  • Steep price can be a drag for those that lose their shades regularly

My Advice

Between their stylish frames and handy reading lenses, Ono’s sunglasses are one of those rare products that deliver a perfect blend of form and function.