A Place for Everything

If you can’t carry all your stuff in Scottevest Clothing, you have way too much stuff.

I don’t know Scott Jordan, the man behind Scottevest line of “technology-enabled clothing,” but he’s got to be one serious organization freak. Who else would create a line of clothing with more than two dozen separate pockets in one ordinary-looking garment?

Intrigued by the company’s innovative designs, I recently got my hands on Scottevest’s Hidden Cargo Pants and Travel Vest. After wearing them around town and on several roadtrips over the past few weeks I have to say I’m impressed.

Both these garments look good and appear to be well-made, but what’s really blown me away is the tremendous amount of thought Jordan and his team have put into them. Both the pants (11 pockets) and the vest (22 pockets) are designed and constructed in such a way that I’ve been able to carry a tremendous amount of stuff with me without the bulging pocket-look that says “crazed shoplifter.”

The vest is particularly practical in this regard, with pockets specially designed to hold a cell phone, point-and-shoot camera, iPod or other MP3 player, a magazine or paperback novel, water bottle, and more. There’s also a built-in Personal Area Network that lets you run your headphone cord discretely up to the collar where there are special pockets to hold the earbuds themselves. The sunglass pocket even comes with its own microfiber lens cleaning cloth attached to a short tether that assures it’ll be there when you need it. And considering what you get, the prices are pretty reasonable to boot.

Are there downsides? Sure. I had a zipper on one of the vest’s chest pockets go bad, but the company had a replacement in my hands within days. I’ve also had to resort to giving my upper torso a law enforcement-style pat down as I try to remember which of the vest’s 20-plus pockets I left, say, my reading glasses in.

Ultimately though, Scottevest’s products have convinced me that having too many pockets is like having too much money—it’s a nice problem to have.

What’s Extraordinary

  • Truly clever, innovative designs.
  • Stylish good looks and top-quality workmanship/materials.
  • The ability to carry a remarkable amount of stuff without feeling weighed down.

What’s A Bummer

  • With so many pockets, you may have trouble remembering where you put things.

My Advice

Wearing these Scottevest garments for a while will make the rest of the clothes in your closet look like underachievers.