Extraordinarily Useful Links

Here are a few online resources I’ve found useful in planning my various adventures. If you’ve got suggestions for other useful websites, let us know and we’ll add them to the list:

In The Air

FAA Flight Delays

Check this official FAA website and you might just know about delays before the person at the airline’s ticket counter does.

Few things will make me cranky faster than a long flight in the worst seat on the airplane. Here’s how to choose your seat wisely.

There’s so much useful info here we can’t begin to describe it in a couple of short sentences. Best just to check it out for yourself.

On The Ground

Google Maps

The combination of street maps and satellite images makes this website hard to beat.


Click the ‘Mileage’ button and you can get a quick approximation of driving times/distances without having to enter actual addresses.

What sets this website’s driving directions apart is that they include detailed info on what’s at every freeway exit along your route.

National Scenic Byways

While interstates are a necessary evil, all the really good stuff lies along these 100-plus stretches of America’s most interesting asphalt.


Life is too short to eat at generic chain restaurants. Here’s how to find the best – and most unique – local eateries across the U.S.

Longitude Books

Check out this cool online bookstore’s recommended reading list of both fiction and nonfiction titles for your destination.

The more you travel, the more you understand the benefits of packing light. The tips and tricks here will help you master this skill.

Currency Converter

Wanna know whether that trinket is really a good deal in U.S. dollars? This website will help you do the math.

Not sure whether to pack the parka or the swimsuit? The 10-day forecasts here can help you decide.


Need to know what time it is in your destination? Wondering if you can call home without waking everyone up? Now you’ll know.

Moon Phases

Trying to plan a moonlight paddle or find a moonless night for optimum stargazing? Check out this graphical moon phase calendar.

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Wanna know exactly when the sun will rise or set? Here’s a great source for sunrise/sunset times in cities around the world.

Staying Healthy

CDC/Travelers’ Health

Leaving the U.S.? The Travelers’ Health section of the Center for Disease Control’s website has all the gory details you need to know.

Travel Medicine Clinics

If you need vaccinations or prescriptions for an international trip, see a travel medicine specialist. Here’s how to find one near you.

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers

If you’re sick or injured overseas, this organization can help you locate a pre-screened English-speaking doctor.