Looking For The Ultimate In Relaxation? Try An Isolation Tank Experience

by Alan Rider
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Honking car horns, ringing telephones, screaming children.  When the sensory overload that is modern life has pushed the needle on your stress-ometer into the red, you may want to try what many believe to be the ultimate relaxation experience by literally getting away from it all in the peaceful confines of an isolation tank.

Once the exclusive playground of experimental psychologists, the isolation tank experience has gone mainstream.  Dozens of spas now offer hour-long relaxation sessions in custom-designed floatation chambers filled with roughly 10 inches of water containing as much as 800 pounds of epsom salts.

The result is a fluid environment in which the human body is extremely buoyant.  This allows your nose and mouth to remain above the surface while your ears remain underwater to reduce auditory distractions.  The water is also heated to body temperature, which enhances the floating experience by making it hard to sense the boundary between water and air.

Studies have shown this isolation tank experience—also known as floatation therapy—releases endorphins that help alleviate a wide range of chronic stress-related maladies from anxiety to depression.  The relaxation experienced has also been proven to boost theta brainwave activity associated with enhanced creativity, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.  Enthusiasts also claim the benefits become more pronounced with repeat experiences.

If you’re still skeptical, you may be interested to know that some of the most brilliant minds of the 20th-century—from comedian George Carlin to Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman—have been fans of the isolation tank experience.

If you’re interested in trying this extraordinary experience, take a few minutes to check out the very helpful and informative isolation tank FAQ and first-timer’s guide on FloatFinder.com.  The website also offers a handy map-based guide to flotation centers around the world.


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