Schlep No More: Ship Your Bags And Travel Like A Jetsetter

by Alan Rider
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If you fly as much as I do, you’ve probably gotten pretty good at traveling light (if not, check out this great packing resource before your next trip).  The fact is, however, that even after you’ve pared your packing list down to the bare essentials you’re still going to end up schlepping a couple of good-sized bags through security checkpoints, aircraft cabins, and rental car shuttles.

Which is where these two travel services come in.  A number of luggage shipping services will pick up your bag (some also handle oversize pieces like golf clubs and skis) at your home or office and deliver it directly to your hotel, allowing you board your flight unburdened, like the jetsetter you’ve always wanted to be.  Naturally, there’s a catch to enjoying this convenience, namely a steep price tag that can sometimes be nearly as much as the plane ticket itself.

You’ll find a scaled-down spinoff of this idea at SuiteArrival.com, a new website that will put together and ship off your own semi-custom collection of toiletries so they’ll be waiting for you when you check in to your hotel.  While this will spare you the ignominy of dragging out your clear plastic bag full of gels and liquids for the TSA’s inspection, you’ll be paying for products that you’ll just end up tossing out half-used when it’s time to come home.

Ultimately, while I’m infatuated with this idea of traveling super-light, I feel like I’d rather put the dough I’d end up shelling out for either of these services towards any number of extraordinary experiences.  That said, I’d love to hear from folks who’ve used them and found them worth the money. If that’s you, please leave me a note in the Comments field below.


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