Why Just Read About History When You Can Live It?

by Alan Rider

Family wagon train adventuresWhile you don’t necessarily want to see your kids jumping out of airplanes (at least I don’t), there are still an awful lot of extraordinary experiences that are decidedly family-friendly.

I was reminded of this while helping my son with his history project this week.  Despite the fact that he goes to a great school with some really innovative teachers, I was struck by how even the most creative approaches can still make the subject seem way too abstract to really grab and hold kids attention.

Which is why I thought I’d take a minute to turn you on to three remarkable adventures that are pretty much guaranteed to make those history lessons come alive for both you and your kids:

Civil War Adventure Camp

Civil War Adventure Camp

This 18-hour overnight experience at Virginia’s impressive Pamplin Historical Park starts with you and your young’uns choosing up sides in the War Between The States and ends with a Bang! as everyone gets to fire a period-correct muzzleloader.

Wagon Train Ho!

While moving hasn’t gotten much easier in the last 150 years, these multi-day wagon train adventures in the shadow of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons will give you and your kids a real feel for what an epic journey it must have been for all those folks who packed up their lives and crossed the continent in covered wagons.

Eat Like A Pilgrim

While walking through Plimoth Plantation will give your kids a fascinating look at how those first European settlers they’re learning about in school actually lived, these 17th-century theme dining events where everyone gets to eat with their fingers are likely to be the one part of the trip they’ll remember for years to come.


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