These Volcano Tours Will Have You Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

by Alan Rider

Volcano ToursWhile I don’t necessarily consider myself a thrill-seeker, I can’t deny that I occasionally find myself irresistably drawn to certain experiences that have at least some element of danger to them.

This character flaw may help explain why reading a short blurb on Volcano Awareness Month in Hawaii immediately sent me scurrying off to find out how I could live out my dream of getting up-close-and-personal with an active volcano.  Which is how I found the folks at Volcano Discovery, a group of trained volcanologists who organize tours to some of the world’s most active eruption zones.

If this sounds like fun to you too, you’ll find a complete list of their upcoming tours here.  Me, I’ll be trying to figure out how I can clear my schedule to go on their 26-day Round The World Volcano Tour this spring!

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