Picture Perfect

by Alan Rider

penguin_photographyOver the last, oh, century or so National Geographic has developed a well-deserved reputation for stunning photography.  In fact, I think it’s safe to say having even a single image published in the magazine would be a dream come true for any serious amateur photographer.

Which is exactly why I think this new contest from WorldNomads.com, Gap Adventures, and the National Geographic Channel sounds like such an extraordinary experience.  The winner will accompany noted wildlife photographer Jason Edwards as he shoots an assignment for the magazine in Antarctica November 22-December 2 and will have their photos and journal entries from the trip put up online for all the world to see.  To secure this spot, you’ll have to show the Jason your best photojournalism stuff, including a series of up to five narrative photos and a 300-word essay on why you think you deserve to be the lucky wiener.

If it turns out you’re not chosen for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you might want to check out NatGeo’s long list of photography expeditions that let you explore exotic locales while getting tips from the pros on how to make vacation slide shows that your friends and relations will actually want to watch!


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