Let The (Winter) Games Begin!

by Alan Rider

If you’ve got a touch of the post-Olympic blues in the wake of this summer’s amateur athletic extravaganza in Beijing, take heart.  Tickets for the 2010 winter games—officially known as XXI Winter Olympics—in Vancouver, British Columbia officially go on sale two weeks from today.

 In the meantime, I’ve discovered a place where you can participate in one of the winter games’ premiere events without the years of training and self-sacrifice it takes to become a world-class athlete.  I’m headed to the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah—site of many of the events in the 2002 winter games—this weekend to run one of the world’s fastest bobsled tracks.

While the park’s “Comet” bobsled ride is slightly faster on ice, the wheeled sleds they use in the summer still hit 70 miles-per-hour and subject riders to up to 4 Gs in turns (versus 80 miles-per-hour/5 Gs in winter) as they drop the height of a 40-story building in less than a minute.  Sounds like a pretty wild ride to me!

Look for the full story on this extraordinary experience coming soon to the Xperiences page of XTRORD.com.


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