When In Rome…

by Alan Rider

Okay, let me be clear right up front this post isn’t actually about that most famous of all Italian cities.  Rather I’m thinking about a group of folks who take that old expression about “doing as the Romans do” pretty darn seriously.

What actually started me thinking about this was that I read that August 28th 476 AD is considered to have been the last day of the Roman Empire.  Then I recalled that I’d heard of a group of men and women who apparently never got that message.

When I started digging into the subject I discovered there are apparently way more of these sword-wielding, tunic-wearing Roman reenactment groups than I’d ever imagined.   To get a taste of the living history they provide—from mock Legionnaire battles to serious toga parties—I suggest you check out RomanEmpire.net.

There you’ll find links to Roman history reenactment groups both here in the U.S. and around the world.  The website also has links to treatises on Roman history, upcoming events, and  sources for period clothing, weaponry, and the like.

Check it all out and you’re likely to come away thinking that, well, maybe all roads do still lead to Rome after all.


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