Affordable Adventures: Part 3

by Alan Rider

For the previous two installments in this three-part series, I’ve stuck to the $100 limit I set out in my first post. 

Now I’m going to stretch that budget just a bit to feature a couple of extraordinary experiences that are, in my opinion, well worth the few extra bucks you’ll spend:

  • Paragliding Torrey Pines:  Running off the top of a 300-foot cliff suspended by nothing but a handful of thin nylon lines attached to a giant kite may sound intimidating at first.  But make an effort to get past your fear and you’ll discover this is absolutely the closest you will ever come to flying like a bird.  To my way of thinking it’s a bargain at $140.
  • Famous Fat Dave:  Finding a world-famous restaurant in New York City is easy, but to find the really great neighborhood places only the locals know about you’re going to need Famous Fat Dave.  This part-time cab driver and full-time gourmand’s Five-Borough Eating Tours are nothing short of the tastiest hours you’ll ever spend on four wheels.  Bring three friends along and it ends up being just $100 per person, including all the grub you can shove in your pie-hole!
  • Wild Cave Tour:  Millions of visitors tromp through Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave each year, but only a handful will ever have the up-close-and-personal—and quite extraordinary—experience you’ll find waiting for you on the National Park Service’s six-hour Wild Cave Tour.  Less than fifty bucks gets you a caving helmet, headlamp, kneepads and all the crawling and climbing you could ever want as you explore rarely-visited sections of the world’s longest cave system.




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