Travel-Size Me!

by Alan Rider

Now that the airlines are charging to check even the first piece of luggage, I think it’s a safe bet that more people will be schlepping carry-on bags through airport security checkpoints than ever before.

If you’re new to this whole carry-on suitcase drill, you should know that you’re going to need to pack travel-sized versions of all your usual personal-care products to comply with the TSA’s new rules on traveling with liquids and gels (for details on the new policy click here). 

Ultimately, this downsizing isn’t really a big deal once you get used to it.  But I can tell you from personal experience that finding travel-size versions of your favorite brands of toothpaste, deodorant, and the like at your neighborhood supermarket or drugstore can be tough.

Enter the folks at Minimus.biz, an extraordinary online retailer that specializes in supplying these pint-sized products.  They carry an absolutely staggering array of good things in small packages, from personal-hygiene products and over-the-counter medicines to snacks and travel games. 

I spent some time tooling around the website this morning and counted more than two dozen different varieties of toothpaste alone.  Which made me realize that I couldn’t possibly convey the depth and breadth of their offerings in just a few words.  Fortunately for me, you can see for yourself by clicking here.




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